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Sat., April 18, 2009

Marlene's Laughter

Once in while, a map comes by that contains more content than an entire campaign. The Groll has been famous (and infamous!) for maps that are rich in terms of detail. So is the amount of characters, events, and background story in his maps simply astounding and unrivaled to this date.

After more than a four years since work on this map started, The Groll has finally released his masterpiece: Marlene's Laughter.

If you enjoyed Gates of Elocin, and Secrets of Marlenia, and you thought these were epic, than this piece of work will simply blow you away. The map is XXL (using a program by PawelS), and contains over 5500 events. I don't know what else to say but to urge you to download it and wrestle yourself through the multitude of options and lock yourself up for a month, or three...
It will definitely be an experience unlike you've ever had with this game. I've had the privilege of playing a bit already and am thoroughly impressed. There will be things you probably didn't even know were possible with the editor...

Here is a large image with some more information on the map:
Preview of the story

Download the map here and enjoy!! Feedback is welcome in this thread.

~ Your Seraph

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