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News Archive - April 2008

Wed., April 30, 2008

The making of...

I have started an initiative in the Scenario Design section which has received a lot of positive reactions.

Its called The making of..., and I hope that many more designers of scenarios will follow! I think we often forget how creative and interesting the process of making a map can be. Its a journey with lots of frustrations and tricky choices. I am sure we all have our favourite maps, and wouldn't it be nice to learn a bit more about how they were created?

So, if you are a mapmaker, please join in, and those interested in your map can find a place to read up on its background and process of creation. If you would like to see a 'Making of...' of a particular map, please post it in the main thread of the series (see below), and who knows... perhaps the author will check it out!
BerenV had a great suggestion that modders could do the same!

Go check it out here!
Fri., April 18, 2008

A new PBEM Singles Champion is crowned - Swolte!!

It all started on a quiet day more than 2 years back! A huge tournament was organized, pulling in many of the biggest names in the PBEM Ladder; the Prize - the much coveted Single Champion Title!

After a grueling round of 80 matches, eight players won their way into the final reckoning for the Title. The finals were scheduled on a modified Elf vs Elf map from King David and the contestants - Swolte (defeating Torso and Henrysix) and Costa (defeating Rorschach and Kraka-Tur)

With so much at stake, both players took time formulating strategies and plans of attack and when the game started, it was amid a furious maelstorm of speculation - does Swolte, a former champion, still have what it takes to wear the Crown? or will Costa, who has proved his strategic superiority in so many games, emerge the victor?

When the dust settled, scores of heroes lay dead...and Swolte stood victorious! Congratulations Swolte and may the challenges come forth in earnest now!
You can head over here to congratulate the new Champ!
Thurs., April 3, 2008

BNW 3.0 Beta is Out!!

Captain Kirky is back! It turns out that the reason he hadn't been frequenting the forums the past few months was because he was working on a brand new release of Brave New World!! And what a release it is!

Hordes of new heroes, all with beautiful graphics, excellently crafted animations and their own stories; droves of new units, some with interesting upgrade paths; racial ships, new map structures...the list goes on and on. With Kirky's attention to detail and his expertise in mod-making, BNW 3.0 is a whole new game, a complete TC for Shadow Magic!

The best feature in BNW 3.0? Well, everything!! One of the most thoughtful additions, though, is the ability to play any existing map without loading/saving in the editor and without any errors! That is a boon to the SP folks.

You can get the mod here or here, via Pando

Head over here to join the discussion about the BNW 3.0 Beta.
Wed., April 2, 2008

The April Avatars!

So, yeah... this week not the traditional sadistic April fools joke from your Seraph but instead a nicer surprise that is here to stay!

Finally, a much wanted feature, the avatar, has been introduced at Heavengames!

It's very easy to activate the avatar. All you need to do is find/make a .jpg, or .gif picture (any size!) and go to Once there, you can sign up using the email address you use for heavengames, upload the image (crop it to any section you like) and wait a few minutes (or when cache is refreshed) for the image to show up.
Do note that only G or PG rated images are allowed.

You can ask any questions here!

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