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News Archive - April 2006

Fri., April 28, 2006


Finally some news from Triumph Studios! (scroll down)

Some roughly translated pieces:
Overlord is a 3rd person action RPG developed by the Dutch Triumph Studios! You play a tirant that has ruled his lands for several years! Unfortunately, the lands were attacked by seven Warlords and the player is banished. The Warlords leave a land in chaos.
You get the opportunity to regain power but in order to achieve this, you will have to fight and command large armies!

The articles mention that the fantasyworld resembles Oddworld en Fable. In a new edition of XBox magazine, the game will be explained in more detail! It is expected it will be shown on E3 as well. It is yet unknown when it will be released to the public.

Thoughts, disappointments and congratulations are welcome at the forums!

For our mapmakers: Scripting Database update!

Talonthorn has been busy again and we can now see some scripts at work in a testscenario! Ideal for when you just start to learn scripts in AoW-SM!

Please go here to download some scenario's if you want some examples (check the ones with the green word: "download" (Those are new). Perhaps you can use it for your own map!
Mon., April 24, 2006

Brave New World v2.0 Released!!

And the week keeps getting crazier...

Finally, a long wait is over. Version 2 of Kirky's famous mod has been uploaded to AoWHeaven! One warning, though, this file is way over 300 MB and PACKED with tons and TONS of amazing new units! Months and months of work! Big thanks to Kirky who must have been extremely relieved!!

Because of the extreme size, the busy HG servers might get some bandwidth problems, so when downloading, you are encouraged to also use the download link provided by our friends at The Battlefield (might be faster too). In the event of bandwidth exceeding a certain amount, the mod might be put on 'hold' for a few days at HG.

HG- Download link -> here
BF- Download link -> here (direct)

Please note that you need the Unofficial Patch v1.4 for this mod to run on all maps and make use of the new features.


Moat Monsters and Campaign

Lots of stuff happening the past week!

An interesting discussion has emerged on the forums on a possible campaign editor. Although pretty speculative, I'd say this is a topic to follow! Read all about it here!

In the downloads section we can finally, after months (Shame on you, Alex... ), admire Alex Mars' map 'Moat Monsters'. It ranked second place in the mapmaking competition after Gates of Elocin.
Please go here to download!

~ Swolte
Wed., April 19, 2006

Welcome Cherub Timelord

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am very happy to announce that we have a new Cherub: Timelord!

It makes the Pbem forum look like a Christmas Tree (according to PawelS) but that, of course, is not the only purpose!
Please go here to congratulate him!

~ Swolte
Sat., April 8, 2006

Downloads Section improvement

The downloads section underwent some drastic improvements a couple of months ago, and I cannot remember this received the proper announcement.

It is now possible to search on rating, ruleset, mapsize, #wizards, type of map, etc!! Anyway, please go here as I have some questions as well!
Wed., April 5, 2006

swolte is the new site manager

After a few years as seraph (site manager) for AoW Heaven and AoW2 Heaven, I now take a step down and hand over the seraph title to swolte. I'm not disappearing, but I feel that swolte will be far more suitable as seraph since I've become more or less invisible on the forums. He's proved himself over the years, so I'm very happy that he accepted to take over my role as site manager.

I'll still be around as an Angel to do most of what I do already today, so I'm definitely not disappearing.

You can congratulate swolte on the forums: Swolte turns orange!.

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