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News Archive - April 2005

Sat., April 30, 2005

Join the AoW-League!

The Battlefield has presented some wonderful prizes to win for an upcoming AoW-League! Don't miss it!
You can sign up and get all your information right here !

Who said Age of Wonders was dead must have been asleep! Activity all over the place! Patches being made, new helpful programs being developed, tournaments planned and starting, 'old timers' () like Lennart and Fingers posting...
Mon., April 25, 2005

Seasonal Compliments: Winter 2005

And the WINTER 2005 compliments went to:
PawelS, King david, Zombie Eater, Hatifnat, Greenmonster, Dwiggs, Dhuval, Magog, Evil Roc, Climber, Black Hound, Galahad_2nd, Elurin, Timelord and Stranger.

Thanks you all for the good works you've delivered! And good luck keeping that going!

Of course, as has become tradition, the staff picked one forummer for and interview. And this season that person was PAWELS!!!

He has done and is doing tremendous work to help modders out with numerous helpful programs! Some even believe he must have been a Triumph Studios developer!

Read all about what he did, does and plan in the new interview

If you wish, you can congratulate him here!
Sun., April 17, 2005

Team Game Tourney!

Gandalf_DK is organising a tournament for teams! If you are interested and have a pal, I suggest signing up here!

The deadline for finding a teammate is the 30th of April!
Wed., April 13, 2005

Triumph Update: To 3 or not to 3?

Woot! Our long lost friend Lennart Sas, producer and chief designer for Triumph Systems, popped up today in the forums with an announcement, of sorts, concerning the goings on there. Tantalizingly mysterious as alway of course, at was a mixture of good news and not-as-good news.

Among other things, he had this to say:
We are hard at work on our new game, which is not TBS and is not AoW related. This game is really something new. I think it will appeal to AoW gamers who are not TBS fundamentalists and also take a liking to other, more action oriented games. (--Nope, its not an RTS!). You'll find it has plenty of AoW-like atmosphere, some AoW references even conceptually there is some overlap. So far the game has been great fun to make, and it’s a *riot* to play.
Not sure exactly what that might entail, but it will certainly bear watching. The very fact that they've resurfaced to say as much bodes well though for the immediate future. Hopefully we'll be seeing some more pre-release news coming along.

As to an actual AoW3 though, it's less promising. While they value their fan base and are not conceptually opposed to extending the series, Lennart cites mainly economic problems with the genre currently as stumbling blocks. <sigh> Well, even game developers have to eat.

You can read the whole thing, and add your comments, in the "Triumph Update" thread in the main forums.

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