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News Archive - April 2003

Fri., April 25, 2003

Aow:SM Screenshots

Yesterday [24-Apr-03] posted a number of screenshots from the new AoW: Shadow Magic but as of this morning (forum time) they have been removed at the request of Take-2, the game's publisher. Forummers were however quick to report the news, and to speculate on what they thought were some things they could deduce from the shots, among them the addition of a Random Scenario Generator indicating three new races, plus images of structures and units not previously seen.

Before they were removed, Triumph Designer Lennart Sass had this to say
Itís quite funny that the news broke this way after months of silence.

Some comments: AoW:SM is a stand-alone game. We didnít call it AoWIII because it does not use a new engine. And we didnít call it AoWII:SM because it would imply that it's an add-on that requires the original AoWII. You can see this game as an GTA: Vice City or a Stronghold:Crusader. In terms of content and gameplay additions this project is *much* closer to a full-sequel then an add-on. This is AoW on steroids, refined and polished.

You have already discovered quite a few things from the screenshots. Of course there is much more to the game then meets the eye and youíll be able to read all about it on the website which will be online soon.

We really tried to take care of the hardcore fan-base with this project, so youíll see quite a few of your suggestions implemented.

Canít give you an exact release date, but it looks like itís more toward the end of summer then the June date that has been appearing on some sites.

Thanks for all your input, it's very much appreciated!
The speculations on the contents are of course for the most part unconfirmed, but elsewhere in the On Mods, Tools thread Lennart pointed out
Many additions have been made to the editor.
Users are able to restrict city buildings, turn off item teleportation, city growth, etc. And users will have access to a large part of the game's resources.

It has also been reported that at least the UK edition of the hardcopy PCGamer has promised some screenshots in the next edition. It appears then that the expected flood of official announcements are indeed forthcoming and the game is on track for release. It goes without saying of course that HeavenGames will do its best to keep you up to date when any official announcements are made.
Mon., April 21, 2003

"Insert Correct CD" on patching to 1.2

Over the last few days, we've had a few reports of people who have bought new copies of AoW2, patched them to version 1.2, then been unable to get them to work. After patching, the game stubbornly persists in asking the user to insert the original CD even though it is in the CD drive. Triumph's Josh Aow has been made aware the problem, and posted earlier today
I've looked into the issue, and it appears that a new batch of AoW2 CD's have been produced, which are incompatible with the old patch. We will let you all know a solution as soon as possible.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
Suspect CD's have been reported purchased locally in Windsor Ontario, and in Oregon. At this point that's about all we know. You can find the complete thread here in the AoW2 Technical Help Forum.

Thurs., April 3, 2003

News from the Comfy Chair

Well April Fools has come and gone with no word from Triumph about the new release. Still there is some news to report. TS developer keyser soze has joined the ranks of the VIP's here at AOWH. He recently introduced himself in the Just how many devs are there? thread, having this to say for himself
i am a 3d artist and I mostly work on cinematics and ingame stuff. i know you guys really want to know what we are working on, but sadly i'm not allowed to tell.
but watch the game-magazines and maybe there will be something in it soon...
OK Keyser, we'll be watching.
Wed., April 2, 2003

AoW2 F.A.Q.

If you're new to AoW2, please have a look at the newest addition to our library - added today! This Frequently Asked Questions document should answer most of the new player's questions, and maybe veterans can learn a thing or two from it too. Thank you Daidalos for compiling this list!

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