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News Archive - March 2009

Wed., March 18, 2009

Mapmaking Tournament final stages...

The 2009, 1v1, mapmaking tournament is slowly coming to and end. Two more weeks to go before the deadline! It's still not too late to sign up and give it your best shot -> here!

I have received a few submissions already. Keep them coming!
Sun., March 15, 2009

AoW1 Needs Your Help, All Forum Members Needed to Vote!

You've waited long enough... The maps were made a couple months ago... Our expert panel has now made their comments... And they are very interesting reads! But we need your help, we need every forum member to go Vote! That's right, read through the comments, check out the map, play it a bit and Vote! That's right... just give it a score, we need your input here.. 7 Maps were submitted in two different themes for the Winter Holiday Mapmaking Competition. Some really good maps, check them out.

And... if you're bored and want to see another exciting tournament just come down to this thread to watch 18 players go to battle in this doubles tournament. Exciting times at AoW1... What's next? Well... we'll save that for another Newspost!
Sat., March 7, 2009

AoW1 Winter Mapmaking Competition Update

The maps were finished some time ago and the judges are almost done. It's been a fun adventure as we've recorded the chat sessions with the judges. Ever wanted to know what the judges really think? How bold can they be in their comments? Did they get it right and do you agree with their analysis? Their comments will soon be made available to the public. Sample comments can be found following the link below. Stay Tuned!

Now we just need your help! That's right, it will soon be time for the community to judge the maps. Starting Mar 15th the voting booths open and you will have two weeks to call in your vote on the maps. That's right, you, the community, get to vote on the maps. Take this week to start reviewing the maps so you're ready to vote next week. It's going to be a great discussion the rest of this month so come join the fun!

The link is here .
Sun., March 1, 2009

AoW1 2v2 Tourney Sign Ups NOW!

That's right... time for another tourney... this time it will be a 2v2 tourney. Sign ups started just yesterday for this tourney and we already have 7 players with more to sign up. Haven't played AoW1 for awhile, well that's ok, the teams are going to be selected such that an experienced player gets paired up with a less experienced one. So don't be afraid if you're rusty, come join the fun. Details can be found

Also, we have just started a thread where we are discussing the fun playing AoW1 online. If you want to join that discussion then come on down here. We'd love to get the online games moving forward and we can use your help.

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