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News Archive - March 2007

Sat., March 31, 2007

*April Fools* Bye, bye Incarnate? *April Fools*

A recently discovered bug with the Incarnate has stirred up questions:

- Should we ban the Incarnate from our game?
- Should the next version of the unofficial patch have a replacement?
- What should the replacement be? (The Dark Leprechaun?)

Go here and unleash your ideas!
Sat., March 10, 2007

Latest downloads

If you haven't visited the downloads section lately, here's what you have missed:

BNW2 Blood Isles MP v1 by Roger the Rampant.
Ancient Times Custom plus Lite v2_63 by Carbo.
Decisions by Triforce guy.
Across the Wyrding Sea by Needles.
Go East! by Impudent Domain.
Wizards & Heroes 2 Demo small by Webusver.
Wizards & Heroes 2 Demo huge by Webusver.
Nordic Star for WH2 by Webusver.
Undead threat by Tendril.
Frontlines by Webusver.

Some of these are true gems, and I suggest you check them out.

If you have updated your map/mod, or want to give another download some special attention, please make a post in this thread.

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