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News Archive - March 2006

Thurs., March 30, 2006

*April Fools* SourceCode Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic *April Fools*

Finally available!

Triumph Studios has been under a lot of pressure but they finally decided to hand it out to us! Swolte and PawelS have been playing around with it for months and a very early beta will be available this Saturday!

Read more about it here to see for yourself. It includes an exclusive screenshot on one of the new units for the 16th race!!

Fri., March 24, 2006

PBEM Tournament has begun!

With as much as 40 new contestants, it is one of the largest tournaments in Age of Wonders-Shadow Magic History! The first rounds have begun on the Gravedigger map with a mixture of newbies and seasoned veterans!

Thanks to Timelord for organizing this Tournament.
Good luck and lots of fun to all!
Wed., March 15, 2006

10.000 downloads for Blackrose's Lord of the Rings!

A Historical Day!! The downloads section has a scenario that has been downloaded (Edit: over) 10.000 times! It's the scenario/mod: "Lord of the Rings in the Third Age - War of the Ring v1.3", that has reached these unbelievable heights!

Congratulations to Blackrose for creating this masterpiece!
Go here to see for yourself!
Sat., March 11, 2006

Official AoW-SM singles Tournament Starting

Ladies and gentlemen!
Timelord is organizing a Play by Email Tournament!

The closing date is March 20, so you have some time to practise and decide! Entering this tournament will also mean that you are entering the ladder competition.

Go here to sign up now and get more information!

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