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News Archive - March 2005

Sat., March 19, 2005

Seasonal Compliments: WINTER

Go here and nominate someone you'd like to see the next interview with!

There has been a small change of 'rules' that staff may not be nominated since they pick the one for the interview in the end and they have a nice color already!

Again, keep it modest!
Thurs., March 17, 2005

Code of Conduct Changes

I'd like all forummers here to note that the HG Code of Conduct has been updated. You'll find a list of the specific changes along with some additional comments in Angel Zen's sticky thread over at HG Main.

Most of the changes, as Zen indicates, are intended to increase the "signal to noise" ratio across the various boards, and while not directed to any specific forum there are some additional restrictions and clarifications on previously questionable actions. We would therefore ask everyone to read over them if only to refresh your understanding, as they will be enforced going forward from this point.
Tues., March 1, 2005

Work on the unofficial Patch has started!

A lot of activity at the forums lately as work on an unofficial patch has started. Not only will this patch further improve on the balance in the game, it will also attempt to add a lot of possibilities for mapmakers!

For a detailed look on what is to come, go here!! Currently, the balance team has been composed. Work on the changes has only just begun!

Threads will be started near the end of the week where you can leave your thoughts and ideas! So keep an eye on that General Discussion forum!

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