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News Archive - March 2004

Sun., March 28, 2004

AoW:SM Combat Abilities Updated

The data for Unit Combat Abilities, originally provided by ZombieEater, is now updated with the 1.3 patch changes.
Fri., March 26, 2004

AoW:SM Spell Stats Updated

Daidalos has done it again! This time he's provided the 1.3 patch updates for our Shadow Magic Spell Section. Great work!
Thurs., March 25, 2004

AoW:SM Unit Stats Updated

Our section with Shadow Magic Unit Stats has been updated with the 1.3 patch information!

Daidalos did the work. Thanks!
Tues., March 23, 2004

Patch 1.3 Updated

Patch 1.3, released last week, has been refreshed to correct a minor video bug having to do with the taskbar. If you downloaded it before and are experiencing problems, you can get the updated version from Gathering's support site.

Thanks Arnout, for the quick fix.
Thurs., March 18, 2004

Official AoW:SM Play-By-Email Tournament

Join in the Official Heavengames AoW:SM Wizard's Ladder Play-By-Email Free-For-All Tournament. First prize is a $30 gift certificate to, so you can buy a copy for a friend if you choose. For rules and signup, go here.
Wed., March 17, 2004

Patch 1.3 is out!!!

Head over here to get it now!
Mon., March 15, 2004

A new Monthly Challenge starts!

Single Player fans get ready to show their might in this monthly challenge!
Head over here to get more information and then prepare to play Lengthening Shadows to prove your skill as a single player wizard!

Again, big cheers for Triumph Studios!!

Computer Gaming World, one of the largest US gaming magazines, declared Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, strategy game of the year 2003!

Seems like a pretty big award! Read about it here!

Way to go, TS!

Mon., March 8, 2004

Try online gaming!

Just a reminder for those that think about trying a game online!

It is indeed a lot of fun and very easy when you get the hang of it. I was pretty skeptical myself at first (still more of a pbem-er, though..) but online play increases your skills a lot, imo!
Warning: Do NOT let a presumed lack of technical know-how withhold you from experiencing online play! The staff and many forummers will be happy to answer all your questions at Aow:SM Tech Help & Bugreporting here, or at our own Multiplayer Forum.

There are several sites that allow you to become part of that pool of players.. Gamespy and The Battlefield, are two popular ones.

You can find all sorts of players in the chatrooms and start up a game. It may be getting used to in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, its quite easy. Software needed for Gamespy can even be found on your AoW-sm cd..

A lot of the developers (incl. me) can sometimes be found on Gamespy and ranked at Battlefield ladder competitions!

Give it an honest try, a whole new world may open up to you!
Sun., March 7, 2004

Scenario Design Article Submissions

Talon-Thorn is always looking for article submissions to add to the AoW:SM Scenario Design section. There is room for galleries to show off your pretty maps or for information such as how magic item settings work. You can also send in articles on subjects such as how to:
* make pretty or interesting maps
* apply special design techniques
* build good stories using situation events and messages
* make AI work
* make an interesting event

Format can be html or text. See the article submissions page for details.

February Monthly Challenge over!

A big round of applause needs to go to Chascal who won the Monthly Challenge in an amazing -42 days!!!

Head over to the scroll of honor to see everyones results.

The March Monthly Challenge will be appearing soon so people who think they are good at single player better get ready!
Mon., March 1, 2004

AoW: SM Scenario Design

After many months of work, Talon-Thorn has opened up the Scenario Design section for Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic!

There's still quite a bit of work to do, but it's already a huge resource! Check out the Design Tips, Gallery, Scripts Database, Scripts User Guide, and much more! If you design maps, or if you're just a little bit curious, check it out!

If you have comments, suggestions, or anything else you want to say about it, head over to the forum: AoW: SM Scenario Design Section Opens.

Great work, Talon-Thorn!

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