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News Archive - Dec 2011

Fri., Dec 23, 2011

Happy holidays and happy New Year

On behalf of the entire staff at Age of Wonders Heaven, I would like to wish everyone great holidays and a happy new year!

2011 has been a very interesting year for our community on various fronts. These were some of the highlights for me, at least:

** In an unprecedented move, the previous owners and 'powers that be', stepped down. Heavengames is now under a fresh new management!

** Hellbrick and Jobe made name by introducing the amazing MP Evolution patch which introduced many new features to the game that were previously thought impossible to mod!

** We crowned a new PBEM Champion in TravisII who suprisingly won the 2010 PBEM Tournament by beating Timelord in the final!

** The unofficial patch v14 has been downloaded now almost a 100,000 times, which is an absolute record!! The team is working hard on its successor, the v15 patch, which will add a lot of content!

** Davespice created an automated email wrapper, which is now used by more and more people! Its purpose is to almost effortlessly have your PBEM turns be downloaded and received. The product is so professional, it has even received the attention of our developers!

** Speaking of developers, we have seen some interesting movements on the forums lately...

And I am sure I left some events out as well. Regardless, all the above are more than enough reasons to stay tuned for 2012!! I don't know what will happen, but I can predict its going to be crazy year!!

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting AoWHeaven! Your contributions make, and keep, the site alive and kicking!!

Thank you.

~ Swolte
Wed., Dec 14, 2011

RayB! Where you been?

Ah the oldtimers among us will remember Ray Bingham aka RayB Aow, author of the backstory for the AoW campaign as well as the Tales from the Valley of Wonders which you can find linked here on the original AoWH site.

He's been missing for a long time, but recently showed up in the AoW2 forums to ask "Who are your favorite characters? from the AoW trilogy of games. Even if you've neveb played the original, come join the discussion.

Hmmm... I wonder if this means he's going to bet back with that long awaited book version of the story?

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