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News Archive - Dec 2010

Thurs., Dec 23, 2010

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a great new year!

Dear everyone,

On behalf of the Age of Wonders HG staff, I am wishing you all happy holidays (if you have them where you are) and a great new year.

It's been quite the year for us! We have seen the digital release of the Age of Wonders series which has prompted a major boost to visitors to our site (sign-up stats were more than doubled!). It also lay the foundation for further growth, since finally people could actually purchase the game.
2010 has also seen two tournaments: a mapmaking and a PBEM tournament. The 2010 mapmaking tournament was won by Enginerd with his great map 'The battle of Enioch'. The 2010 PBEM tournament is actually still in full swing as Costa and Timelord are battling for a place in the finals against Travis-II. The PBEM tournament has also increased contact with another kind and active Age of Wonders site from Russia!
In terms of modding there were also a number of highlights, we have seen the release of PawelS' amazing AoW1 mod for Shadow Magic, but there was also an remarkable event as the two major modders of Age of Wonders, Kirky Picardo (BNW mod) and The_Stranger (The Stranger's Dwiggs mod) announced to bundle their forces to create a Middle Earth mod! Some of the previews are truly mouth-watering!

2011 doesn't seem to become dull at all. For starters, it will give us a new PBEM champion! Furthermore, the unofficial patch v15 project, which is intended to provide a new base whereupon modders, mapmakers, and players can enjoy the game, is speeding up tremendously! A major workbuild has been released from where the core-team will soon begin to generate content. The unofficial patch project generated huge interest and discussion before, and it will undoubtedly do more of that in 2011, especially since the upcoming new features will be much bolder! Next to this project, we can also expect mods such as Middle Earth and Strange Lands Mod (by Griffith) to keep developing and gaining interest!

I am sure I have left out many other important contributors and events, so I apologize for that. The bottom line is we want to thank you for your contributions and presence this year and we hope to see more of you next year!

~ AoW-HG Team

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