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News Archive - Dec 2009

Sat., Dec 5, 2009

PBEM Tournament: semi-finals have begun

The semi finals for the 2009 PBEM tournament have begun! Only four players have made it to this round.

The Road to Hell by Nyarlathotep (see uploaded here) will be the battleground for these matches. The final four consist out of Swolte, Timelord, JamesEde, and Costa. Two players, Swolte and Costa have made it to the finals in previous tournaments but in Timelord we find a Ladder champion. JamesEde seems to be the underdog so farm, but should not be underestimated.

The match-ups for this round are as follows:

* Timelord - Swolte
* Costa - JamesEde

Also, if you want more information about the tournament, check out the TNS reports where you will find out everything, and more, you need to know about the tournament!

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