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News Archive - Dec 2008

Tues., Dec 23, 2008

Happy holidays and best wishes

On behalf of Heavengames and staff, I'd like to wish you all great holidays!

Please drop by if you need to relax from all the family obligations, snow shoveling, or tedious card-writing. The Merry Christmas thread by Naeco is the place to wish your fellow AoW-ers the best this close to the end of 2008!

If you find some time to play a game, I would highly recommend to take a look in the downloads section. Morgul666's unique project has reached completion (right on time!) and should keep you busy for the holidays (and probably the following year, judging by a small peek...). The map is based on the Dwiggs mod (currently easy to install!) but still requires a placement of additional resources.
Just get it here, its worth it!

Other reason to keep checking the site the coming days are:

- Some whispering I have received from The Groll. I have heard Santa Groll may conjure up a present for you as well the coming days (I was sworn to secrecy regarding its content).
- It may be interesting to peek at the AoW section and see what Engineerd is concocting. Exciting projects are underway.
- Old and influential forces like Draco and Fingers are slowly showing their presence again, something I find quite exciting - a testament to the ageless quality of the series!

Oh, and the unofficial patch v1.4 is nearing an unprecedented 50,000 downloads. Perhaps we'll go over before the new year!?

All the best!

~ Your Seraph

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