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Fri., Dec 28, 2007

New year & Interview The Groll

Here is to wishing you all a healthy, happy, and productive 2008!

I think 2007 was a good year. As usual, people left, but we have also gained a lot of new (and familiar) faces. The mapmaking section, for example, is filled with maps from great talents! We have also seen a lot of modding this year and 2008 holds some impressive promises. Here is a thread by Aiakos, listing all the mod projects planned for 2008: go here.
The latest revealed mod project, and seemingly it its final stages is one by Merkraad, and called Age of Legends.

And lets also not forget the v1.5 project which is also picking up speed.

For those who wish to do some reading for the remaining days in 2007, I can advice to check out our interview section. It has recently received a new addition. This time from one of our very productive community members: The Groll. Its a long, but very interesting read, especially if you are interested in mapmaking!

Enjoy, thanks for visiting, and see you in 2008!
Fri., Dec 21, 2007

Happy Holidays, and a mapmaking present...

On behalf of heavengames and the team, I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays! Please feel free to drop by during the coming times, as you'll always be welcome! A special Christmas thread has started here with poems and pictures!

As a nice christmas gift (although I doubt it would fit in your sock...) a group of highly experienced mapmakers have finally finished their immense project, started by Hatstand, for you.

I present...


This is an XL, single player, monster map ready for you to be played!

What path will you take? What destiny will you fulfill? Will you nurture the light or enable the darkness? The world awaits your direction, shape it the way you want!
(piece from general intro by Bam65)

Please get it here now!
Sat., Dec 8, 2007

AoW Shadow Magic: Battle of the Cherubs – Timelord vs. Enginerd

Two mighty Champions of the game face off to battle but there is soooo much more at stake than just a simple match between friends…. This is the Battle of the Cherubs!

Timelord defends the honor of AoW Shadow Magic, where he moderates. He holds the honor of former WL champion, a mighty warrior and tactician with a sound knowledge and understanding of the game. Few have been able to match his skill. Will the Shadow Magic Cherub be victorious????

Enginerd is also a former WL champion…. Of the original Age of Wonders, where he moderates. He too has fought against the best in the game but has he overstepped his bounds??? He has ventured out of his realm of dominance and control for he has no honors or accolades in this new arena… will he be crushed and sent packing, can the AoW1 Cherub be victorious????

The battlefield chosen, AoW Shadow Magic! The map is set, a new upgraded map that few have seen. The game is afoot! Many will follow this classic battle of the ages, who do you think will be victorious…… post and cheer for your Cherub here

If you would like to play a game on the same map then post here
Fri., Dec 7, 2007

Overlord, Downloads Section updates, and the MMBEM project...

Yes, it seems so long ago since Overlord was released, but our beloved Developers have been nominated for the best 2007 strategy game. Check it out (and vote) here!

For the rest, the holidays have been kicking in and we see some new people showing up and some others getting too busy. Do check out the downloads section, because there are some great maps from relatively new mapmakers. For example, the last three maps uploaded by Shurr999, Low_K, and question_all seem to be of excellent quality and capable of providing unique experiences!

Speaking of maps, you might have noticed the MMBEM (Map making by email) project that started a few months ago by Hatstand. Quite a few of the best mapmakers around combined their efforts in this playful 'game' of mapmaking where each was designated a section. Now, the project is in its final stages and ready for more playtesting. On Tuesday, a beta version will be released for playtesters!
If you have the time to help out, please sign up here!
Sat., Dec 1, 2007

Special Map Updated for AoW SM Tourney Finale – Costa vs. Swolte

The semi-final round of the Shadow Magic pbem tourney has been completed. Costa defeated Krakatur and Swolte defeated Henrysix. The final round is set to begin very soon between Costa and Swolte, the turn logs will be followed by many…. Can the mighty seraph win? Will Costa continue his winning streak and claim the title? Yes, the Wizard Ladder Title is also on the line in this match…. It will be very exciting!!!!

With the tourney coming to an end a special map has been prepared for these two great players. A well known mapmaker, King David, authored a map years ago for AoW2. This was a unique map with a special flair and a great story. Later he updated this map to a new SILVER edition for AoW SM. Recently he was invited to update his map one more time… this time for the Upatch 1.4! New events, changes to improve balance, updated units and structures….. Yes… How exciting!!!!

Get ready… the final match will be played on a new and improved version of King David’s map entitled…. Elf vs Elf: Get Neuman Tournament Edition.

Tourney link here

If you want to play a game on this map then click here

King David has several maps he authored in the downloads section, check them out here

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