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News Archive - Dec 2005

Fri., Dec 30, 2005

Images Disabled due to Security Bug

As some users have already noticed, HG's Tech Director Angel Zen has temporarily disabled posting of user images across all forums. This action was taken in response to a recently discovered security exploit in Win XP wherein specially crafted WMF (Windows Media) files can be made to execute malicious code on the user's system. Further, since XP parses all image files based on their actual header content rather then their headers, this exploit can apply to image files with "safe" extensions such as .gif and .jpg as well.

Hopefully this restriction will be temporary, until such time as a (user system) fix is made generally available and commonly installed. There is, however, no permanent server-side way of getting around the problem at this time.
Sat., Dec 24, 2005

Happy Holidays!!

After some requests it seems our Dragon found her hat again!!

Healthy, wonderful and many map-inspiring days wished to everyone this close to 2006!
There is a best wishes thread here, so feel free to jump in!
Fri., Dec 2, 2005

What's RayB been up to?

That would be AoW backstory writer rayb AoW of course, and for those who have been wondering, you can find out in the appropriately named thread "What's RayB been up to?". Not to give away too much, but he's been doing more some writing (well DUH!). This time on the World of Bokermoon book series. Okay, it's sort of advertising, which we're not usually keen on here at HG, but it's in the AoW Community Forum, and he is a long term member here going back to the very beginning. If you're another old timer, drop by a nd say hello. If you're of a more recent vintage, get a chance to meet one of the legends of the game. If if you'd like to put in an order his book through the link provided, we won't say anything. Much.

New Poll: Are you designing a map?

We've closed the previous poll where we asked about your age. As you can see in the Poll Results where almost 1500 votes were submitted, we're mostly in the ages 13-39.

In our new poll we wonder if you're designing a scenario, and in that case if you're using the new Unofficial Patch 1.4. Let us know!

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