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News Archive - Dec 2003

Sun., Dec 21, 2003

AoW:SM LAN Party

We received this announcement about an upcoming AoW:SM LAN Party!

Synodus Magorum Eildensis (an AoW clan) invites everybody who is willing and able to join our little tournament in The Hague, Netherlands!

We will play AoW:SM on a LAN network, for 12 hours! Everything is possible, clan vs clan, free-for-all, a tournament, just plain and simple battles, etc. If you join, mail us what you'd like and we'll see if it's possible.

  • The date: Saturday the 24th of January, from 1200hrs - 2400hrs

  • The place: House of Quake - The Hague, Netherlands (more info about how to get there will be given to participants by email)

  • The limit: there are 16 spaces available, so react quickly if you want to join

  • The good news: It will be a blast!!!

  • The bad news: if we get 16 people, the price will be 20 euros, if less join, it will be more

  • The deadline: After the 10th of January or if we're full people won't be able to join anymore.

  • NOTE: please bring your own copy of AoW:SM, and if possible also the patch! If you want to play a certain map you should also bring it.

Anybody (not just clan members!) who is interested should mail us at, and will get verification of him or her joining by email as soon as possible.

You are hereby challenged! Regards,

Narvek & Martunak,

Synodus Magorum Eildensis

That should be fun!
Thurs., Dec 18, 2003

AoW:SM Unit Stats

The frequently wished for Unit Stat pages for AoW: Shadow Magic are complete and up to date with version 1.2 of the game! Enjoy!

If you spot any errors, let us know, preferably by a post in the Website Feedback & Announcements forum. Email works too, of course.
Mon., Dec 15, 2003

The AOW2/SM Wizard's Ladder has a New Champion

Congratulations to JWorth, who defeated Dafyth in an official challenge to become the new AOW2/SM Wizard's Ladder Reigning Champion.
Thurs., Dec 4, 2003

Autumn Monthly Challenge Over

Well, the Autumn monthly challenge is over, unfortunatly, because of the switch-over of control between me and Roger, there were not that many applicants. Still, the winner, Timelord finished in an impressive 23 days!

I hope to start the new generation of monthly challenges soon so keep an eye open for them, I'm happy to say that there will be prizes going to the winners so there will be even more motivation for people to show that they are the best around at single-player!

More information coming soon...

Current and Future Wizard's Ladder Changes

Today the Wizard's Ladder has found a new home. This should cut down some on the sticky clutter in the PBEM forum.

Along with a new home comes a new feature, the "Open Challenge" thread. You post a notice of what kind of challenges you are available for and can browse the thread to discover who the other active ladder players are, and what they are looking for.

Lastly there's a call for input on proposed rules for allowing Free For All games to be registered and scored on the Wizard's Ladder. Please read the proposal and post comments, complaints, compliments, or suggestions.

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