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News Archive - Nov 2010

Tues., Nov 30, 2010

2010 AoWSM 1v1 Tourney Semi-Finalists Ready to Battle

The quarter finals have ended in dramatic fashion as Costa defeated Morgul yesterday. The four Semi-Finalists are now set, we have two newcombers in TheCake and TravisII and two veterans with Timelord and Costa. It will be exciting to see which one of the newer players will reach the finals as TheCake and TravisII face off next. The winner may meet their toughest challenge yet where defending Champion Costa hopes to return to defend his crown, but Timelord has other plans and will not be easily beaten. It is all very exciting, the Semi-Finals will start soon on Albaron's map The Experiment. You can follow all the action in the TNS reports here. Congrats TheCake, Travis, Timelord and Costa!
Sat., Nov 13, 2010

Quarter finals 1v1 PBEM Tournament begins!

An absolutely thrilling second round has ended leaving only 8 players to contest the PBEM championship. Of those remaining are the reigning champion Costa and the former champion, and finalist, Swolte! However, Timelord and Vovy are probably the favorites for the title and now have a chance to show the world! But Oleg123 and Morgul666 are no pushovers either! Furthermore, we shouldn't underestimate our relative newcomers, TheCake and TravisII who have had some spectacular wins.

Check out the TNS episode with an interview with the organizer! The quarter final map, Elementmo, by Unsellord, can be downloaded here!

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