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News Archive - Nov 2009

Tues., Nov 24, 2009

Dedication to the Classic: AoW1 Mod by PawelS released!

Exactly ten years ago, in November 1999, a TBS game was released by a small company in Delft called Triumph Studios. It was called Age of Wonders.

From that moment on, thousands of people enjoyed playing this game, and it was so successful, that it even inspired the making of two sequels: AoW2 and AoW-sm, that we know all too well. The original, however, is not forgotten, and even now, ten years later, there are still people who play the amazing original.

Today, PawelS is releasing a mod (and by coincidence, it makes a nice anniversary!) inspired on the original Age of Wonders. For the first time, people with Shadow Magic, young and old, can enjoy the world in which it all began...

The mod, undoubtedly, is a brilliant piece of work and recreates the AoW1 atmosphere with completely redesigned units and balancing. It will feature your trusted 'old' heroes and you can play races like the Azracs and Lizards on your favorite classic maps! More options, including a campaign and more maps will be released later.

For now, hurry over to the downloads section and GET IT HERE!!

For questions to PawelS, you are advised to go here.
Sat., Nov 7, 2009

Quarter finals of 2009 PBEM Tournament have begun

Today, the turns have been sent out for the quarter finals. Eight contestants have survived the second round and battle for the 2009 title of PBEM champion.

The battle will be fought on a map by Rheno, called the Lion, The Witch, and the Warfare. It's a map, inspired on the Narnia series, that won second place in the mapmaking tournament. The map is extremely detailed in all respects and definitely worth a look, even if you're not playing in the finals. Expect some beautiful screenshots!

The match-ups for this round are as follows:

* LordDuck - Swolte
* Vovy - Timelord
* JamesEde - Morgul666
* Enginerd - Costa

Also, if you want more information about the tournament, check out the TNS reports where you will find out everything, and more, you need to know!

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