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News Archive - Nov 2006

Tues., Nov 28, 2006

Age of Glorantha -in testing.

One of the biggest criticisms of Age of Wonders is that it often lacks that epic feel of large armies battling each other. This idea of a town being besieged by a Swordsman, and defended by a single Halfling Slinger requires some imagination.

The Age of Glorantha mod, created by RosenMcStern after months and months of work, attempts to change this very basic principle and is revolutionary in that regard. With hundreds of uniquely created, never seen before units, he has created a compelling mod in such a rich setting that makes Middle Earth looks pale by comparison...

Go here for more information on Glorantha!

RosenMcStern will release his mod soon and this is definitely one to keep an eye on. However, if you are willing and interested, you have the opportunity to help test it! Go here to be enlisted.

Btw, big thanks to the civfanatics: Aaglo, Kinboat, Utahjazz7 and Plotinus for providing their artistic talents in the unit creation-field to this game!
Tues., Nov 21, 2006

Latest updates

Many of the maps and mods in the downloads section are constantly being updated and perfected by their authors. Some of them were uploaded a long time ago and might therefore not get the proper attention. So to make sure you don't miss any of these great maps/mods, we will on a regular basis tell you about the latest updates here in the news.

The following downloads have been updated recently :

Marlenes Gnade by The Groll. Among other things, the map has been balanced a bit and now also include units from the 1.4 patch.

Zombie Stories by Psykitty. New events have been added and descriptions rewritten.

Do you want your updated download to appear in the next "Latest updates" news post? Then you should make a post in this thread.
Thurs., Nov 9, 2006

Unofficial Patch v1.5 goes in production...

Slowly but surely the project is starting up and already some teams are contributing nice works! Keep an eye on this thread to stay informed!

It is early in development and so a lot can still change and be added (or substracted).

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