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News Archive - Nov 2005

Fri., Nov 25, 2005

AoW:SM 1.4 Mapmaking Competion

With the long awaited Upatch 1.4 finally available, Angel Magog has announced a new map-making competition. This will be a limited competition for SP-only maps based on a pre-defined template, intended to use and show off the new features. Full details can be found here in the AoW2/SM Competitions Forum.
Wed., Nov 23, 2005

Unofficial Patch v1.4 is released!

After almost 11 months of hard work, the patchteams stopped tweaking, testing, mapmaking and translating! It had to end someday and that day is TODAY!

Get it here! quickly! More download opportunities will be up shortly as The Battlefield will start hosting as well. While downloading, make sure to take a look at the online documentation that Timelord provided for us!

If you're happy about what you see, please go to the party thread and congratulate the makers of the patch and their maps! Everyone is invited!

For me, I've had a great time making it and I hope that you will enjoy this patch just as much. It's been made with a lot of enthousiasm, care and thought and I am sure you will see this the more you play it!

Have fun and I strongly recommend to try mapmaking! (if you're not overwhelmed by all the new features).
Sun., Nov 20, 2005

Battlefield Down and UPatch news

One of the largest active Age of Wonders sites, The Battlefield, may be down for a day or even more due to unforeseen circumstances. Site manager Napoleon says "monday will be the earlierst we can do something".
We hope they will be back soon.

The patchproject is doing very well. It is in final testing and expected to be ready for release this week.
Wed., Nov 2, 2005

Unofficial Patch v1.4 Delayed!

Hopes were up for October but it seems November will be the better guess due to some unforeseen circumstances! In the meantime, the teams will continue to work on improving what is already there and adding what can be useful!

Follow the news more closely here! Unfortunately, we can't be too specific at the moment!

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