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News Archive - Nov 2004

Thurs., Nov 25, 2004

Poll change - more multiplayer maps

Well the first half of the "Best Multiplayer Map" is over. The number of votes is as follows:

Fight for Light - 62
Promising Lands - 54
War of 8 heroes - 36
Race to Death - 28
Elf vs Elf - 25
Goldrush Mountains - 19
Wizards Duel II - 18
Marlenes Schatten - Revision69 final - 16
Wintergarden - 13
Threes's Company - 6

Well done to everyone whose map made it past the nominations.
The top 4 will be going on to the final vote for multiplayer maps!

The 2nd half of the list is now up and you can vote for your favourite map out of the list so get voting!
Mon., Nov 8, 2004

New Triumph Studios Website

Check out the new Triumph Studios Website, especially that mischievious Goblin that runs across the page every now and then.

Triumph Studios were the developers of all the Age of Wonders games, but you knew that of course. Join the speculations about their new game in our forum.

B.t.w., yes, that goblin really is armed with a bow!

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