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News Archive - Nov 2003

Sun., Nov 30, 2003

New Poll: Which AoW Game(s) Do You Play?

We have a new poll up! Please let us know which one(s) of the three Age of Wonders games you think you will be playing next year. You can, of course, select all that applies:
* Age of Wonders (the original classic from 1999)
* Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne (from 2002)
* Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (from 2003)

If you're curious about our previous polls, they're available through the Other Polls link below the currently running poll.
Sat., Nov 29, 2003

Return of the Buglist..

As confirmed by the devs, there will be another patch v1.3 someday and it’s expected to handle a few remaining major issues!
This new patch will be ready ‘soon’, as usual.. (that will cover everything ranging from now to 6 months ).

Anyway, it means we can start collecting those bugs and oddities again . I’ll try and update the BigBugList every sunday at the Tech Help and Bug reporting forum!
Please make separate threads for your issues and place comments about the BigBugList in the special comments thread.

Happy bug hunting!
Wed., Nov 26, 2003

A Must-Play Map

When installing the 1.2 patch for AoW:SM, you also get a new scenario: Rise of Kings. It's getting lots of praise, so don't miss it!

For example, Sorak writes in the forum thread Thanks for Rise of Kings!!
I just spent the last several hours getting into a game on this incredible map (playing as Night Elves. Incarnations are INCREDIBLE, don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise). I have not been this impressed with a well made map in a long time, everything from the unique and balanced start locations to the breath taking use of landscape and overland enviroments, it all comes together so well.
I have only uncovered about an 1/5th of the map so far, some of the underground and some of the over land, but THIS is what I like in a map. Just a straight up free for all brawl with equal footing and no or minimal strange conditions or player settings, with excellent vistas worth exploring.
Good job, whomever worked on this. Incredible. Simply incredible!

Lennart Sas reveals that the author is "our own" swolte! Applause! Now, go play the map!
Sat., Nov 22, 2003

Send us Screenshots!

As suggested by CannibalBob in the AOWSM/2 Screenshots discussion, we would like to replace the old random screenshots here on the main page with new, interesting ones. Please send us your contributions! I expect most to be for AoW:SM, but interesting/good looking ones for AoW2 are also welcome!

If it's not already an 800x600 jpg image when we get it, we'll convert it to that format. Obviously we would prefer it if you do that for us. :)

Please email your submissions to me at
Tues., Nov 18, 2003

The Ladders are Up to Date Again

As of 12:10 today both the AOW1 and the AOW2/SM Play By E-Mail Wizard's Ladders are up to date with all reported games entered and coalated. Now that we have a dedicated cherub (hiranu) to take care of the updates they should be updated about once a week. So go see where you stand after all the games you've been playing. And if you haven't been playing any games, go register on the boards and get started!

Join the AOW1 PBEM Ladder
AOW WL Current Standings
Join AOW2/SM PBEM Ladder
AOW2/SM WL Current Standings
Sat., Nov 15, 2003

Monthly Challenge Poll

We have a new poll up. JamieJME would like to know a little about what you think about the Monthly Challenge. For starters, what would make you more likly to take part in the Shadow Magic Monthly Challenge?

If you vote "Other", please post your thoughts in the forum thread The future of the Monthly Challenges.

The result of the previous poll, What do you think of the new map editor? is that of 771 votes, 54% thinks it good or even perfect, 19% thinks it's hopless or at least could be improved. 27% never use it.
Fri., Nov 14, 2003

AoW League Starts

Napoleon sends us this news flash from The Battlefield:

Official AoW League Starts on Sunday!

After the latest patch was released yesterday we are proud to announce the start of the Official AoW League on coming Sunday, November the 16th! We will
have 2 games in each of the 4 groups!

For more information about the groups and their players, visit the AoW League which is featured by The Battlefield.


We'll get more reports as the league progresses.

Another Green Face

The mod making scene is really taking off with the latest AoW release, so it's time to add yet another good name to our staff. He will be in charge of the mod making forum and possible future mod making section at our site. Welcome our newest cherub iceman!

We'll split the currently combined AoW2/SM Scenario Design & Mod Making forum into two, one focused on standard scenario design, and the other one focused on mod making. Talon-Thorn will remain in charge of the first one, while iceman handles the second.

If you've been checking out our forums, you know that he is well known for both his Lizard Mod and for answering questions and helping out mod makers on the forum. Congratulations!.


We have added an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to the site. Thank you Daidalos for this contribution!

We'll be adding more AoW:SM focused pages successively, as they become completed. If you want to contribute, please do! Email me at with contributions/questions.
Thurs., Nov 13, 2003

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, Patch 1.2

It's out! The patch is released! Arnout lists tons of bug fixes and other enhancements in our forum: Age of Wonders Shadow Magic Patch 1.2

Don't wait, download the patch immediately from the official site at Gathering.
Sun., Nov 9, 2003

AoWH Staff Changes

We all know what a great job Draco has done by bringing up his baby AoW Heaven to what it is today! I honestly wish that he could have managed to keep his orange color (indicating he's in charge of the site), but as you may have noticed he hasn't been around here lately as much as he used too. It's that famous monster Real Life that has stolen him away from us. But he'll still be around as an Angel, so we're not losing him for good!

Draco donated his orange wings to me, and I promise I'll do my best to keep AoW Heaven healthy.

You may also have noticed that Roger who has been in charge of the Monthly Competitions have left us. Actually, he's left Internet completely, and won't get back online for quite a while. He's done a fantastic job running these competitions, so it will be a challenge for the person(s) who will take over after him.

After these losses, I'm happy to announce that we already have three new cherubs recruited to make sure the hard working staff stay healthy! Welcome JamieJME, hiranu and Magog!

JamieJME has already started planning for the Monthly Challenges.

hiranu will get the AoW:SM PBEM Ladder back in shape.

Magog has always been helping out all over the forums, and will continue to do so in his new color.

If you want to, you can wish us all good luck in the forum: Congrats to Nojd, Hiranu, Magog, JamieJME.
Tues., Nov 4, 2003

The Official AoW League is opening its gates

Napoleon, AoW League Admin over at The Battlefield sends us this news flash:

The Battlefield and Gathering are proud to present the Official AoW League! The ultimate competition and the only league around the World! Only the most skilled and experienced players will prevail in the league and will win some great prices! Members of the Battlefield can join now!

More Information about the League, like Rules, Player pool and Rankings can be found at the AoW League Site of The Battlefield.

So hope to see you soon in the AoW League!

Yours Napoleon, AoW League Admin

If you're an online gamer, don't miss this!
Sun., Nov 2, 2003

AoW:SM War Story

The last issue of the (paper) magazine Computer Gaming World featured a four page war story between two of the employees. One of them played Elves and the other Demons. The story is called Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic. The most fun you can have with Elves and Demons.

Here's a screenshot (197 KB) of the four pages, but you'll have to buy the magazine to be able to read the text and find out how it ended. :)

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