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News Archive - Feb 2010

Sat., Feb 20, 2010

Promising Land and Gates of Elocin hit 10000 mark!

Congratulations to our mapmakers Digga and The Groll whose maps have made it past the 10,000 downloads mark.

Promising land is a map made by Digga which was uploaded in 2004. A few years later, it was voted the second-best multiplayer map ever made (surpassing famous maps such as AthendoreII).
The map is straightforward and open ended. It features 8 Wizards who battle for domination in a well-crafted world filled with quests and adventure. One particular attractive feature of this map is the blacksmith: Once players have collected a set of items from the world, the blacksmith will craft an exceptionally powerful one.
Although the author seems to have disappeared, the map is still played in single player as well as in PBEM six years after release!

Gates of Elocin is a map made by the Groll, which was uploaded in 2006, not too long after the unofficial patch v1.4 was released. Gates of Elocin won a large official Heavengames mapmaking tournament and is still played (I noticed up to day 75 in one thread, for a medium-sized map!).
The map is enormously detailed, has a rich storyline, and is packed with events that will leaves one breathless!

The Groll has created the following image to celebrate this event:

If you haven't downloaded any of these maps yet... you better start now!!
Sun., Feb 14, 2010

PBEM Tourney ends, 1v1 Mapmaking contest starts!

As the 1v1 tournament ended, in the AoW2/SM Competitions, Tournaments & Wizard's Ladder forum another contest has secretly begun. As is becoming tradition, the 2010 mapmaking tournament is now opened and you can sign up
here! Already 6 people have signed up!

You are required to read the conditions before signing up. The thread also contains a lot of information that should answer most of your questions.

The judges consist out of a Triumph Studios developer (Arnout), a HG staff member and former winner (Timelord), a PBEM champion (costa), and an expert mapmaker (The Groll). The prize is a special HG-AoWSM drinking cup!, however, the real prize will be that your map will now have a good chance to be used in the upcoming 1v1 PBEM tournament!

If you are a mapmaker, I would urge you to check out the design forum, where Swolte will be posting some essays on how to fine tune your Tournament map!
Sun., Feb 7, 2010

Costa is the AoWSM 2009 1v1 Tourney Champion

Wow, after 30 contestants battled it out over the last several months we finally have a winner *drum roll please*


Congratulations to Costa, he defeated Swolte in the finals on the map called Too Much Water (mapmaker-Timelord). This matchup was a classic rematch from last year's finals. But the outcome was different with Costa winning this year. Truly a great battle. You can read about the final game here! Also, follow the final tourney news and crowning ceremony in the TNS

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