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News Archive - Feb 2006

Wed., Feb 1, 2006

Mapmaking competition winner!!

Long live the Groll!!

With his map: Gates of Elocin, he won the v1.4 mapmaking competition! Here is a description by one of the judges:

...the detail and amount of work required for this scenario is staggering. I tried starting with each player just to see the area around their cities. It was all unique, creative, and beautiful. The author is clearly a master of creating believable, immersive, attractive terrain. There are many beautiful nooks and crannies where little cities and regions lie and represent miniature worlds. The layout of this map is equally impressive and evenly distributed, although perhaps a few alternative paths to the same place would give it more replayability. In summary, because of the terrific terrain painting and distribution of magical places across the map, it feels like a much bigger place—a complete world. Wonderful work!

The judges had a really tough time judging because all the maps were of such excellent quality! Here is a summary of the results:

For more information on the competition, its results and comments -> go here!
You can leave comments on each individual map!

Hopefully each map will be up for download soon. The map called Retribution is already available in the downloads section!

Thank you, The Groll, Alex Mars, Sin911 and Psykitty for dedicating your talents and time to make these wonderful maps!

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