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News Archive - Feb 2005

Thurs., Feb 24, 2005

A way to convert aow1 maps into aow2/SM...

IS HERE!! PawelS has finished his project!

Thanks to him we now have the possibility of automatically converting the classic AoW1 maps into Shadow Magic maps!

Have a look here! and congratulate him!! It will soon be uploaded to the AoWHeavengames downloads section as well.

If you wish to know and learn how it all started and came to be? Read the thread started by Greenmonster here!
Tues., Feb 15, 2005

Best Multiplayer Map cont.

The 2nd half of the "Best Multiplayer Map" is completed and the results are as follows:

A River Ran Through It - 49
Let's fight - 39
Athendore II - 36
Hunters Of Blood III - 33
River Arne - 29
The Last Valley - 28
Academy of War - 23
Oblivion - 16
Grimstone Wars - 14
Danny's sock - 13

The top 4 from the two MP map votes now go onto the final vote for multiplayer maps!(finally ;-) )

In the meantime, you can expect the 'Best maps of AoW2HG' page to be making an appearence in the download section soon!
Mon., Feb 14, 2005

Patches and converters!

There are some interesting developments at the forums.

In the scenario design section, PawelS, has taken up the challenge of creating a map-converter. This will hold the possibility of automatically changing AoW1 maps into AoW-sm ones! It sounds very promising! Have a look!

At General Discussion, there has been talk of a fan-made ‘unofficial’ patch. Undoubtedly, there will be more news to follow on that!!

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