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News Archive - Feb 2004

Sun., Feb 15, 2004

Poll: Do you use Mods for AoW?

We have a new poll up at AoW2 Heaven that needs your vote! Let us know if you use any of the user made mods that have been made for the AoW games:

How often do you use mods for AoW?
* I've never tried one
* I tried one, but I couldn't get it to work
* I tried one, but I went back to using standard rules
* I use mods occasionally
* I use both mods and standard rules frequently
* I use mods exclusively

Our long running poll about which of the AoW games people are playing clearly shows that all three games are alive and well! The voting ended with these numbers:
* 387 - Age of Wonders (the original classic from 1999)
* 342 - Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne (from 2002)
* 925 - Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (from 2003)

If you're curious about our previous polls, they're available through the Other Polls link below the currently running poll.
Fri., Feb 13, 2004

February Monthly Challenge

Finally Single Player fans can pit their wits against others with the help of the monthly challenge.
Head over here to get more information and then prepare to play Shadows of Night to prove your skill as a single player wizard!
Mon., Feb 9, 2004

AoW:SM Spells

I'm happy to announce that we have opened the Magic Spells section for Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic!

Thanks to Daidalos great data collection and image extraction work, the pages are now complete! Great work, Daidalos!
Wed., Feb 4, 2004

Scenario Design Tricks

Here are some nice scenario design tips and tricks from TalonThorn!

So, you want to create caverns on the surface level, but were disappointed in finding out that you can't put cavern "paint" on the surface? Or did you want to make a localized flood but thought you couldn't since there is no way to make a wizard cast the "Wetlands" spell? Well, now you can!

You can put "rock" and "earth" paint, or even cause a localized flood on the surface or the shadow level of your scenario with a little effort and some help from some scripts. Use the "Change Terrain" event to set up the scenario you always wanted.

For rock or stone on the surface, use several "Change Terrain" events set to occur "once" with a "New Turn" trigger. This will make each "area" change to the desired terrain at the beginning of the game. The "earth" terrain is diggable just like it is underground, and this can also be used to create caverns on the shadow level.

To make a localized flood, use the "Change Terrain" event set to "Water," "Ice," or even "ShadowWater." Only the tiles that are on the "zero" level of elevation will be changed to the selected terrain type, and all towns, structures, and non-swimming creatures will perish with the flood. This trick works equally well with "Lava" for those with a more sinister plan. >:)

Note: this simple method for "flooding" the low level areas does not work on the underground level since ALL terrain is changed regardless of elevation.

Visit the AoW2/SM Scenario Design Forum for more tips and tricks.


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