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News Archive - Feb 2003

Sat., Feb 22, 2003

Scenario Design Hall: Swolte's Gallery

I'm happy to present to you a new gallery: Swolte's Gallery. He has submitted eight beautiful screenshots taken off his scenario creations. The gallery of screenshots also includes comments by the scenario designer himself. Check it out here. Enjoy!
Wed., Feb 19, 2003

Downloads Back Up

Last night our downloads server died a horrible death. Luckily, Angel Zen was able to salvage most of the data off the hard drive and all downloads should be working again!
Wed., Feb 5, 2003

Hypothetically Josh

Triumph's Josh AoW popped up on the forums recently with a comments. In response to a follow-up question in the old >MP3 Music thread he declined as usual to be specific, but did say
All I'll say is that I am hoping a public announcement will be made before our new project shows up on store shelves.

As to questions about whether there would be another patch for AoW2 forthcoming he noted that
I can't say for certain whether another patch for aow2 will be produced. Making patches is far more complicated than it may seem to outside observers. Besides the obvious work, each patch goes through a long period of testing and back and forth between tests and revisions. Patches must be tested for multiple regions of the world as well. If we were hypothetically working on a new AoW product, it would complicate matters more, as the code paths between the two products would have diverged, meaning that fixing an issue in one doesn't always make it easy to fix it in the other.
He later reiterated his earlier comment that if that "hypothetical" new product were released, maps made for the original AoW2 could still be used with it and went on to say
Thanks to the due dilligence of certain people who have taken it upon themselves to maintain and keep track of complaints, errors, and other issues, I'd say that a future product would be highly unlikely to have many (if any) of the true bugs reported in aow2.

You can read the entire discussion here in the AoW2 Technical Help section of the forums.

Mon., Feb 3, 2003

Connection Help For Multiplayers?

There has been at least one report on the boards that the latest DirectX version, 9.0, may solve some of the problems of AoW2 not operating in MP [MultiPlayer] through routers or connection sharing. The MicroSoft DirectX FAQ notes only that
Improvements to DirectPlay let computers within a Windows Me or Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing network connect with each other, as well as with players elsewhere on the Internet. Users with modern UPnP network routers no longer need to configure them for DirectPlay, because DirectPlay will open and close the multiplayer gaming ports as needed.

Triumph developer Josh Farley has expressed interest, but not yet confirmed this, nor indicated that the Triumph team has taken any specific actions in this regard. He has long noted though that the problems experienced were in the design of the DirectX package itself and thus could not be addressed within the AoW code.

Users should be aware however of the following caveat, also from the DirectX FAQ.
Due to enhancements in the way DirectPlay functions, it is strongly recommended that all users who want to join or host multiplayer games upgrade to DirectX 9.0. A user with earlier versions of DirectX may have trouble joining or hosting games, or my see a significant performance reduction when playing with users who have 9.0 installed. [emphasis mine]

If true, this would tend to indicate that users not now operating through routers may actually experience problems in MP games if they have upgraded and their fellow players do not. More information and reports one way or the other on this would be much appreciated. Posts can be made here in the AoW2 Technical Help forum. As always, MS indicates no way to de-install or back-level if you have problems, so the risk is yours.

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