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News Archive - Jan 2009

Fri., Jan 30, 2009

Calling all mapmakers - 2009 Mapmaking tournament!!

Dear talented,

I would like to announce the start of an official Heavengames mapmaking tournament. The task is simple - to make the best 1v1 tournament map, ever...

If you think you are up for the challenge*, you better stop lurking on this front page soon and go here immediately, as you will have two months to complete this task!

~ Your Seraph

* or just have some fun trying!
Thurs., Jan 15, 2009

Angel Enginerd!!

I am glad to announce the divine transformation of cherub Enginerd to Angel Enginerd!

He has been a Cherub since July 2007 and he has done an outstanding job ever since. This has been demonstrated in the successful organization of multiple tournaments and his calm, yet consistent enthusiasm. He has taken over almost all responsibilities for the AoW1-part of the site, and, in the process, gained my full confidence!

His new angelic powers will grant him the power to change some of the webpages and control over the downloads sections. I am sure he will put these to good use.

Please congratulate him
Thurs., Jan 1, 2009

AoW1 New Year Tourney Update!

Happy New Year everyone and it certainly has been an eventful year for us at AoW1. Looking back we had a lot of fun... and we're still having fun. The submission deadline for the Holiday Mapmaking Competition has just ended. There were 6 maps submitted for the two different themes. Surprisingly we got 5 entries for the Historical theme, including a rookie map from a long time veteran of the game. Once again Skout77 submits multiple maps, a regular in the competition and has always scored well in them. Arctic Wolf is looking to repeat a victory from last time. Great maps, check them out. Judging will begin soon and we’ll need your help as the entire community will be participating as judges. Details here .

The 1v1 tourney that started several weeks ago is progressing well. Of the 16 players that signed up for this single elimination tourney there are only 8 players left alive, Congratulations to Thorongil for being the first player to make it to the Semi Finals. He'll face Enginerd or Zsaber before he can lay claim to being in the finals. Disenchanted and Draco are set to fight it out in the quarter finals and Eriksson stands ready to face his quarter final match against two newer players still finishing their 1st round match. Check out all the details here .

Lots happening as we will soon be announcing a 2v2 tourney that we hope to kick off soon. Come and join us at AoW1 Heaven!

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