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News Archive - Jan 2008

Mon., Jan 21, 2008

Talonthorn resigns

I regret to inform you that Talonthorn will be leaving us as staff.

Our site owes him a lot. For example, the scenario design section is mostly built by him. He has also been very helpful in answering lots of questions on the forums regarding scripts!

Please say goodbye here!
Tues., Jan 8, 2008

New MMBEM Project started

Morgul666 has started a new mapmaking by email community project for Dwiggs. The previous one was a great success (Master of Chaos) and this one looks like it can become a winner as well!

Here is part of the conceptual design:

It will be a PURE dungeon map, means, the upper level will also be Caverns! and the shadow world will be some kind of Dungeon level 3.
Some of you might have heard of Undermountain - the legendary, sinister, most dangerous dungeon known to any creature!
All imaginable (or non-imaginable) kinds of monsters, races, whatever lives,lurks down there and there´s hardly a more dangerous place to be found anywhere.
Not neccessary to mention, that the treasure, that is to be found down there, is also unimaginable and most of all - unknown.

It seems all slots are taken by now but do please check it out here if you have interest.

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