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News Archive - Jan 2007

Thurs., Jan 4, 2007

New Overlord preview

Lennart, director of Triumph Studios, pointed us towards a promising preview of Overlord. Read all about it here.
Here is a quote:
Overlord has beautiful character design and some fresh and original gameplay. It's amazing what a small studio like Triumph can do with a lot of passion and a handful of good ideas. We're really looking forward to being outrageously vicious, cruel and downright nasty in summer 2007.

So it seems it will not take too long before a new title is released, and also whether a new plans are being made from our magical company in Delft.
The question whether there will there be an AoW3 or not seems to be more relevant than ever. A lot of discussion topics on the forums are addressing this issue. No guarantees, but it seems a good time for this. So, if you have constructive, realistic, and thoughtful reasons why an AoW3 should be made, feel free to add to the pile!

Do try and keep things respectful and aim on content instead of just (content for one) person!

Latest updates

Here are some of the latest map updates. If you want your updated map/mod to be shown here, please read and post in this thread.

Four against Darkness by Kaskoid and The Stranger. the Multiplayer version of this map has been tweaked.

Drums of Death by Swolte. There has been some minor balance tweaks, and a lot of new 1.4 units added.

Gates of Elocin - Part I by The Groll. All tiny errors and bugs are now fixed.

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