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News Archive - Jan 2006

Fri., Jan 13, 2006

Judges, discussions and mods!

The year already starts well with several spicy discussions at General Discussion!

Mods are also in the making! RosenMcStern is working on his Glorantha Mod that (I think) will be extremely interesting! Strangers Dwiggs mod is also under construction and looks very promissing! Roger also released a mod that is optimised for online gaming! And there is more, just check out the downloads section or the mod forum!

There also seems to be some confusion about SEM (Standard Editor Mod). This is more of a tool that allows mapmakers to give every ability to Heroes/items?wizards they wish. It also allows Wizard towers in Outposts for example!
The latest UPatch v1.4 compatible version can be download it here!

Last, but not least, the mapmaking contest has ended and the judges are very busy playing the maps that were submitted. Unfortunately, there were only 4 maps but I can already say that the quality of all these four maps make up for this. Its astonishing and you'll see it all soon yourself!
Fri., Jan 6, 2006

New Ladder Season Starting at the Battlefield!

"A new Year a new Season! Season 2006 just started and the Ladder was resetted! Winner of the last Season 2005/2 was our council member Gandalf_dk with amazing Stats of 62 / 56 / 23! Second was Lord Kolusar followed by Tirasleen! Congratulations and enjoy the new Season! "

With these words, Napoleon started the new Battlefield ladder season. Sign up at THE BATTLEFIELD and battle the champions of the past present and future!

The new season already has an early top 3!

TIRASLEEN 1043 (Also known as Darkmystery)

Good luck this year!
Sun., Jan 1, 2006

Happy Newyear + Tournament starting!

We wish you all a very happy and creative 2006!!

It starts off well with an interesting Tournament! A good chance to try something new, perhaps? Gandalf started it for online gaming!


While one Tournament is starting, another is coming to an end. Remember the MAPMAKING TOURNAMENT closing date is Januari the 8th! Lets put all those good resolutions to use in mapmaking!

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