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News Archive - Jan 2005

Sat., Jan 22, 2005

Autumn Seasonal Compliment interview: Jomungur!

In the Verdant Court, staff decided that the first interview would have to go to Jomungur! As an intelligent and active member of our community, he has helped numerous people out with his knowledge. In the online world he is respected for his skill and personality!
It's a very interesting and long read, as it covers the history from AoW-1 until AoW-shadow Magic! It delves deep into strategy and online gaming!

You can read all about it here, in our brand new interview section!

If you wish, you can discuss the article here!

(it will be up in the AoW1 website tomorrow)
Wed., Jan 12, 2005

Lennart Lurks

Lennart Lurks

Oh joyous day! Well, perhaps not so significant, but Triumph Systems' Lennart Sas made one of his infrequent appearances on the boards (57 total in nearly four years) today. For those newwer agers who don't know him. Lennart is theTriumph Director and Designer of all three games in the AoW series. While he didn't say much, merely clarifying a point about the timeline in the games and nothing at all about forthcoming projects, the fact that he posted at all should give reason to cheer as it shows our beloved Devs are still out there, lurking and listening. And maybe, just maybe, it means they've gotten to a point in their busy schedules where they now can take the time to drop by and say hello.
Mon., Jan 10, 2005

Battlefield Tournament Time!

It’s tournament time at the Battlefield!

Horza666 has started several play by email (pbem) tournaments right here!!

If you like the fast satisfaction of online victories, Lord Kolusar has started something unique (as far as I know): the clan wars! Sign up here!! You can fight those epic battles next to your courageous clanmates!
(A lot of people still need a clan, so you're very welcome)

Wed., Jan 5, 2005

Battlefield Ladder 2005 started!

Congrats to our very own Jamie that won last years Shadow magic ladder at the Battlefield! An impressive achievement! Big compliments to Lord Kolusar and Blackcat that were very close behind!

Check it out here!!

Of course, the new season has started and all scores are reset. Lord Kolusar already achieved three stunning victories and has the lead as can be seen in the ranking!!
(finding your way in the site is not so bad once you get used to it ).

So, if you are interested, sign up now, get Gamespy and enter the online arena!

(Yep, trying to stimulate online play a bit too)
Sun., Jan 2, 2005

Happy newyear everybody!

Staff wishes you a wonderful new year with lots of creative mapmaking, late-night gaming, extensive turnlogging, endless modding and ruthless backstabbing!!

And thanks for making this site as great as it is!!

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