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News Archive - Jan 2004

Wed., Jan 28, 2004

New Virus Alert

There is a new email virus making the rounds; it has infected well over 3,400 computers as of Monday, January 26th, 2004. For detailed information, please visit for example Symantec's W32.Novarg.A@mm Info Page.

News coverage of the virus can be found at CNET.

The virus will install a program that will use your computer to attack, the corporate website for SCO. The virus spreads itself via email as well as KaZaA. The virus also slows down your internet connection.

So, as always, take the following precautions when using email:
* Use a recent anti-virus program that's always updated with auto-protect and email protection.
* Update your virus definition weekly. If your update subscription has expired, it does not cost much to renew the subscription.
* Don't open attachments from other people unless you're expecting it.

Xenobea has posted a thread about this too, in the Website Comments forum: new virus alerts.

Use virus protection!
Mon., Jan 26, 2004

Lan-party report

The Lan party in Den Hague, organised by the AoW-clan 'Synodus Magorum Eildensis' was a great success!
In total we played two big and very tense games (well, except for the first one, maybe..). Everybody had a great time and we could have continued for another 12 hours if possible. Some players that were new to the online gaming are certainly hooked now!

We played with the latest v1.3 (beta)-patch (that was carefully removed after it ended), so it was good testing as well.. (of course the Triumph team knew all the changes beforehand.. ).
Battlereports will be up soon!
Sun., Jan 18, 2004

The World Online Nation

A new site with automated ranking system for online games in AoW:SM has appeared! Here's a welcoming message from The Founder at The World Online Nation:

Greetings AOW SM players and mapmakers!

Me and my friends are hoping that you will take a look at our new ladder tournament site dedicated to this great game, AOW SM, and its skilled strategy gamers. It would make us very happy if you checked it out, because we are looking for new people to play with.

The World Online Nation is a new and improved ladder tournament for AOW SM, with an advanced, automated, graphic intense and detailed reporting system. We are hoping that this will be a good complement to the other great tournaments, and increase the popularity of the game.

We would like to invite all Age of Wonders Shadow Magic players to take place in the first of the great battles to crown the Monarchs of the playable races. The first battle to be settled is that which will determine the first King of the Humans. If you feel you should be the rightful king of the humans, please send us an email with your nickname and let us know its about the King of the Humans subtournament.

For new players, here is some basic Starting Info. Right now we have about 40 registered players, and we are hoping to see you at The World Online Nation. :-)

Good Luck & Have Fun,
Bjorn (The Founder on The World Online Nation)

Wed., Jan 14, 2004

Season 2 at The Battlefield

Here's a flash from Napoleon at The Battlefield:

Season 2: Ladder reset!

Season 1 of the ladder was a great success with the winner: Merkraad, and now its time to start over! Season 2 has just begun and the hunt for the season champion has just started! All you need is a regular Battlefield account, which is totally free.

AoW: Season 2 Ladder

See you at the Lobby!


Thurs., Jan 1, 2004


I hope everyone had a good time last night!
But the big question for this year is will we be getting information on Triumph Studios latest product???

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