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News Archive - Jan 2003

Thurs., Jan 23, 2003

Fields of Blood

Programmer Josh Farley shared a little insight about AoW2's engine and how blood is realistically rendered on the tactical battlefield:
"The blood is AoW2 is actually part of the complex particle system, so it's "real" drops of blood you're seeing when units get struck. However, rendering those drops onto the 3D terrain would have been a complete performance killer on low-end machines (besides the likely ratings issues), so was never implemented."
You can read the full thread here in the AoW2 General Discussion forum.
Sat., Jan 11, 2003

People/ICQ List

Finally! The People/ICQ List is working again! :)

The People List service allows you to post your ICQ status so that anyone (whether he/she has ICQ or not) can check the list to see who's online and perhaps contact them for a quick MP game!

You can add other information to your People List profile as well, like your home country, screen names for AIM, Yahoo Pager and MSN Messenger, as well your MS Gaming Zone or Gamespy Arcade handle.

Click the Show People link to see comments posted by everyone registered on the list about what types of games they're interested in playing.

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