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Submission Guidelines for
Scenario Design Sections

Submissions for articles and any short contributions (screenshots, gallery pictures, tips, editor scripts) are welcome. If you find any misinformation on the site or if you know ways of getting around a current problem, please do send it in.

Article Submissions:

1) Keep your article length under 1000 words. Articles should be submitted in Wordpad or Notepad (Simple Text) format.

2) Graphics (if any) must be relevant to the article's contents (if any). Please provide some name or description for gallery pictures, along with your forum name and the name of the scenario (if any). Graphics should be kept to a maximum height of 600 pixels and width of 400 pixels. I prefer to have jpeg (.jpg or .jpeg) because of it's smaller size, but BMP and GIF will also be accepted. If you are not handy with editing pictures, you may send in a raw screenshot; this may delay the posting of the article on the site.

3) Before you submit anything, run the spellchecker! Spelling and grammar must be checked by the contributor before submission. Overly "broken language" articles will not be considered; find someone to help you with the wording before submitting the article.

4) Article must be clear and concise. Make your points short and to the point by careful paragraphing or by using numbered bullets. If you must use graphics to illustrate your point, put a tag-note in the article where the graphics should be placed (i.e. <sunset_mountains.jpg>). If you need an example, model your article after the articles already on the site.

5) Editor (i.e. me) reserves the right to reject articles that are found to be unsuitable or unusable for the site.

Short Tips and Contributions:

1) E-mail me if you have anything to share such as short tips or suggestions which are helpful to the map maker.

2) E-mails refuting or adding to exiting articles on the site may also be submitted. :) However, you are advised to post and discuss your article on the forum or get in touch with the author to make final clarifications.

Send submissions to Talon-Thorn -- for best results, send one email explaining the submission (one or two sentences) and a second email (same subject line) with the text and graphics attached. This will help avoid the email getting lost. I will send a reply within a few days (at most) to acknowledge that I've received your email. Do not send emails/attachments that are larger than one megabyte total in size without first contacting me so I can be ready for it.

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