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Scenario Design

Useful Sites and Utilities for the Scenario Designer

Ever get stuck on names? Want to do a screencapture of your map to show to others with ease? Check out some of these sites for such tools and more. Sometimes you can use other tools to help you in your mapmaking. Remember that good ideas can come from anywhere.

UO Screencapture Utility

Originally created for Ultima Online gamers, it allows you to take screenshots with just a touch of a key. You can set one of the function keys as capture button. Very easy to install and use.

Random Generators Page

This site contains online random generators for names of people, races, places, and items. You can use the tools on this site to come up with some pretty impressive names.

IG's On-Web RPG tools

Online generators generate random maps and mazes. Some of these are even hex-based. You can generate a map and adapt them to your map (and make appropriate adjustments to make it playable if you have to of course.)

Flat Earth Games Story Generator

You can use this to give yourself some new character story ideas. Not directly useful to AOW2 scenario design, but if you are stuck on characters for a story map, you might want to give this a try anyway.

Scenario Design Article at Armchair General

There's this article on that talks about scenario design. Although it's for wargames like The Operational Art of War, it is still applicable for AOW scenario designers. The detailed article addresses a lot of mapmaking issues that AOWers will find applicable when making their scenarios.


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