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Scripting Manual

by Talon-Thorn

Welcome to the Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic Scripting Manual!

This section contains in depth information about events, triggers, and conditions for building your scripted events with certainty of what to expect from each component you use. Each component has been extensively tested to ensure that what you read is what you will get.

Scripting Manual

List of Events

- A complete list of events with description, settings, valid and default values, and notes.

List of Triggers

- Full listing of triggers, with description, occurrence, settings, valid and default values, and notes.

List of Conditions

- Description and effective usage of conditions, including settings, valid and default values, and notes.


How Flags and Triggers Work in Shadow Magic v1.2

Learn the secrets behind the workings of scripts, so that you can better design your map events. This guide details how events, triggers, and conditions are executed.

How to Use Conditions

Need to understand how conditions work? Check out this article to learn how to combine multiple conditions to build elaborate, yet working, scripts for your scenarios.

Database of User-Crafted Scripts

Fans have been submitting scripts for how to do some interesting things. These scripts have been reviewed and compiled here so that you can make use of them. If you want to add your own useful scripts to the database, submit your working script via email.




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