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Created a clever event script in the AOW2 event editor? Share them with others. Send them in via email or post them in the Scenario Design forum. We will archive stuff from the forums periodically, credit given to authors of course. :).

The following information will be required (basically write down all the things that you fill in the script windows that make your script work):

  • What the script does.
  • Type of Event and Activate frequency
  • Trigger settings
  • Types of conditions needed
  • Condition settings
  • Additional notes.

Hopefully this script database will be a resource for new and old mapmakers alike, so that they can use it to build common scripts or see how it is done. Also, fell free to modify and adapt these scripts for your own use, as a starting point for that next grand script you make.

Please note: Scripts from AoW2:WT and AoW2:SM (prior to patch 1.2) may not work in the same manner as they do in AoW2:SM with patch 1.2. I'll add a note as to the known differences as they are discovered.

1. Control Flag event does not work the same (see "Control Flag" event for AoW2:WT/SM and for AoW:SM patch 1.2).

Script Database Contents:

The following scripts have been imported from AoW:WT, and have not been tested/reviewed in AoW:SM or post patch 1.2 Consequently, some scripts may be wrong and may not work.


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