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Story Elements In Scenario Design

The "Story/Instruction" part of mapmaking can be an important step in making a memorable and fun map. It is also one of the considerations in how a map gets rated. What does a story do for a scenario? A scenario is the creation of a story-setting, where the storyline is "written" by the player. The story is then the introduction or background information at the beginning of the scenario which serves to brief the player on what's been happening just prior to his coming into the story. The story is also the events within the scenario as the player progresses through it, giving the players "objectives" as well as clues on which direction to choose and what future events may unfold during the course of playing the scenario.

Whether you are doing a story-heavy "epic" map or simply want to give a map a extra degree of reality, read on, and find out how to use various elements to enhance your scenario's story. This is a five part article, covering:

  • Part 1: Do We Need a Story?
  • Part 2: The Background Story
  • Part 3: Setting up a Start-Up Message
  • Part 4: Short Message Events (A little taste of what they can do.)
  • Part 5: Signs - A small but important story contributing element

Before going any further, decide whether your scenario needs a story: Part 1.


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