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The readme.txt File

The readme.txt file, should you decide to include it with your map should contain useful information about your map as well as information about essential files needed to play the map. The format of the readme.txt can also be used as the format for announcing maps on message boards since it helps to give the players an overview of what the map is about and if it suits his/her playing style. This version of readme is a basic template designed for use on AOW2 maps.

It was suggested by one of the forumers that it might be better for the readme to be named after the map, instead of simply readme.txt. This is because sometimes, users won't just download one map, they'd download a whole batch of them, and naming them differently would ensure that the readme files will not overwrite each other. (suggested by Xenobea.)

Below I wish to present a basic and (hopefully) informative enough readme.txt format.

Map Information

Map Name: [The full name of the map)]

Map Maker(s): [your name(s)]

E-Mail Address: [your e-mail address]
(Note: it is useful to include e-mail addresses because some people prefer to give private feedback rather than posting them up)

Map Type: [Multiplayer/Single player/PBEM/.. etc]

Map Size: [Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large; does it have an underground level?]

Map Level of Difficulty: [Novice/Beginner, Average, Expert.]

Map Version: [1.0]

Language: [English or other languages]

Storyline/Background: [What you wrote in the Introduction of the map.]

No of playable sides: [how many?]

Races included on the Map: [what are they?]

Winning conditions: [such as defeat all wizards, complete a quest, etc.]

Important Events or Special Notes: (Note: do not include if not required)

Other files required: [what they are. This can include mods files.]
(Note: It may also help to include links or e-mail so that the player knows where to get them. Do not forget to include a little bit on how to install the special files if they are needed.)

Additional (or other optional) information:
- Type of map (RPG? Single player? Slugfest? Multiplayer? PBEM?)
- Best played at which difficulty settings and options on/off.
- Hints (leave a couple of empty lines, include a warning that a possible spoiler is included at the last section of your readme.txt.
(Note: This is where you may include other stuff which you want the player to know. Add your boasts here: anything special to highlight, how many items you created, how many heros and other innovations.)


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